Get To Know Me...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The other day at work I realized I've been feeling really unworthy and unmotivated recently. I don't feel adequate unless I have a packed schedule. I used to think I just enjoyed being busy, but now I realize that I need to be busy to feel accomplished. And I just feel so unfulfilled.

After having a lazy weekend (which isn't supposed to be a bad thing, right?), I felt terrible on Monday.
I think some of this stems from having a very easy schedule this semester, while most everyone else is overwhelmed in their schoolwork. I'm a senior. I'm supposed to be overwhelmed, too...right? Even while I was at work, actually doing something with my time, I felt like I wasn't doing enough. Is it because school isn't stressing me out this semester? That I don't have a mile-long to do list? That I don't have plans taking up every hour of my day? I know I should treasure and embrace this time, because the fall semester is going to be crazy with my practicum on top of working, but it is just so hard.

So now, I will try to rest and be happy in this place I am at.