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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A new month...

I'm more than ready for a break.  Thanksgiving couldn't come any sooner.  I'm falling behind in my reading and I have five observations to do in the next month.  I have one paper due a week, and most weeks I have multiple papers due.  On top of that, I'm scheduled 20 hours a week at Kohl's, along with occasional babysitting- but that's still tentative.  I'm beginning to despise my job at Kohl's and I regret taking it.  They are really big into credit- having people open charge cards. I've worked three weeks and have yet to open one.  I'm asked multiple times each shift I work (it averages 3-5) and each time my answer is "no."  It makes me feel awful.  I stress out more over stupid credit than I do over my school.  That should not be the case.  I have two months left of working there.  I hope I can push through it.

It's hard to believe it's already November... and the weather is still too warm! I'm ready to wear sweaters and cardigans and hoodies. I'm ready to wake up cold and drink hot chocolate.  To drive with my windows down without sweating. Central Florida is not really the place for me, but neither is the north. I think Northern Florida/Georgia is the place for me.  There are seasons and it gets a little cool, but there won't be five months of cold feet for me to suffer through.

I adore going to church over here.  It's nothing incredible or anything, but the sense of community and WORSHIP is so... awesome, for lack of a better word.  Worship occupies most of the service, and the praise band is on the talented side.  While I miss my church at home, church here is a nice replacement.

Time changes mess me up... it's only 6pm and it's already dark out. I woke up this morning at 6:30 thinking it was time to get up. Once I'm used to this, it will be time to change the clocks once again.

Here's some good reading:
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Shelby said...

I wish it was colder here too! Last year it was well under 50 by this time. Today it finally only got up to 70 , I think... but yea, at least there are semi-seasons here.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Jon Foreman! I really need to see Switchfoot in concert...I really need money!