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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011: A Year in Review

accomplishments: traveling halfway around the world by myself. finally starting counseling. successfully completing a high-stress internship. graduating cum laude.

books: mere christianity. number the stars. truefaced. the hunger games (again). practicing the presence of people. redeeming love. 

memories: hanging out at hogwarts. sunrises. gross sunburns. the wesley formal. india. my baby brother graduating. baby time. almost drowning on the 4th of july. saying goodbye to harry & co. saying goodbye to incredible friends. dressing up as ron swanson for halloween. rolling around on brittany’s bed because my life is ridiculous. camping. falling in love with sweet refugee children. stalking isaac. playing star wars in the nursery. graduating. 

movies: harry potter 7.2. the help. super 8. bridesmaids. 

music: needtobreathe. the rocket summer. the civil wars. mumford & sons. fleet foxes. the avett brothers. shane & shane. gungor. city and colour. windsor drive. 

realizations: even though my earthly father isn’t here for me, my heavenly father always will be. i am in the process of being healed and restored. difficult seasons of life are only temporary, not eternal. i actually do want to get married. god’s plan is greater than my own. god is a "big picture" god. god hears, god knows, god cares. people value me.

television: parks and rec. the walking dead. law and order: svu. arrested development.

what’s to come: internship. INDIA. grad school? the rest of my life...


Anonymous said...

I wish I had become more like you. I don't know of I'd have many accomplishments of last year, especially not as great.

You have become such a beautiful Godly woman and I wish I knew where to start to be the same.

I love you and miss you and I'm so glad everything is going so well for you. No matter what your future holds, I know it will be amazing!!!

Sarah said...

So PROUD that I know YOU :)