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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

there's more to living than being alive

I went to another Invisible Children screening the other night. Every time I watch one of those films or go to a rally, I come out the other side a little more changed. A little more aware of the horrors I can hardly fathom being apart of, a little more driven to change the world.

If there's one passion I have, it's changing the world; yes, I know it's cliche. Changing lives, showing EVERYONE they are loved, leaving the world a better place than when I arrived- I'm going to make it happen. I've had that mindset for as long as I can remember, but it really wasn't until I saw Invisible Children: Rough Cut, almost three years ago, did I actually believe I have that power and capability. The fact that three young men my age uncovered such a tragic story is inspiring. What makes it all the more incredible is the progress this movement has gone through.

Thoughts of Africa keep invading my heart and mind. I would love the chance to travel there and work with the hurting first hand, but could I handle it? IC has a six-week Teacher Exchange Program, but they look for teachers of older children, not younger. There's also a much longer four-month internship. Should I make the attempt to become apart of one of these privileged groups? I want to pack up and leave tomorrow, but I don't trust myself taking a semester break from school. Would I return back to my schooling? Could I return? I'll just have to wait it out, but that's okay. If I want this bad enough, it will happen.

"If I go to America, will they love me?"

Those words were spoken by Roseline, an invisible child. I need to show each and every single one of these children that they ARE loved. It all starts with love. It always starts with love.

You get one life, one chance, so why not make the most of it? Do what you love, pursue your passions by whatever means it takes.

"The more I live I see- this life's not about me."


Chrissy said...

I know I never really act like it but what I want so badly, more than almost anything, is to help improve living conditions elsewhere in the world. It wasn't until my International Studies class, though, that it turned into a burning desire, rather than an interest. Growing up and making life altering decisions is so difficult. For years all I dreamed of was going to Ringling College of Art & Design and even though I don't think that's the case anymore it's still hard to accept that. I absolutely love everything the Peace Corps works for but could I handle two years away from everything I know? I don't know but I'm willing to find out. Starting with finally making up my mind about majoring in computer animation or business.

You know secrets.

Nicole said...

Chrissy, I do think you're compassionate and loving, even though you say you might not act it. I think you'd do so well in the Peace Corps. Two years may be a long time, but if you're committed and believe it's what you're called to do, I know you will take that leap. In an interview I read about the Peace Corps, someone who was very active in it said that if you've EVER thought about joining Peace Corps, then you need to do it.

I love you. And I hope you take the leap.