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Friday, July 10, 2009


This afternoon as I returned home from babysitting, happy that it's Friday and excited about the Game Night I would be attending later, I learned something extremely disappointing about my younger brother, who is seventeen. He betrayed my trust and I don't even want to speak to him until I calm down. To make me even more upset, my mother wasn't as distressed as you'd have thought, or at least as I'd have thought, she would have been. Everyone else probably finds me to be overreacting, but with our past and family history, what he did was unacceptable in my eyes. I always seem to believe the best of people, especially my family, and when I get let down, it's agonizing. My brother is generally a good person, he may be hyperactive, a little immature, and annoying, but he truly has good intentions. I just never expected this from him.

It's hard when I'm around people who don't see eye-to-eye with me, namely my family. That is one huge flaw about myself that I need to get straightened out, but it will take some dedicated work. Maybe one day I won't care how people act or what they say... I doubt it.

I had this really happy post about Harry Potter planned, but that fell through the roof.... perhaps tomorrow.

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