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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day and summer class woes

Tonight myself and some friends continued with our Independence Day festivities by eating leftover cheesecake and dancing around with sparklers and water balloons, hoping to make this a monthly activity. My real 4th of July was a nice day. I cleaned my room that morning (I even dusted and I truly despise dusting), ate a nice family lunch, no grandparent's this year-they're in Hawaii and I reek of jealousy, went to a friend's house and played Hearts, Upwords, and Cheater (I like BS more) for a few hours, then headed to watch a local fireworks display and listen to an awful arrangement of 1812 Overture. After Titusville's version of a fireworks show, we went back to said friend's house where her father put on his own mini-fireworks show. All in all, it was a pretty nice day.

I have so much trouble getting motivated to complete assignments for my summer class. It doesn't help that it's probably one of the most boring classes in the world- Children in Schools: Legal, Ethical, and Safety Concerns. It's an online class, which makes it so much worse for me. I find the internet to be such a distraction. It doesn't help that my teacher always seems to be late in telling us our assignments for the week and posts the articles we're supposed to read in three different folders. I started working on my assignment at 6:30pm tonight and didn't finish until 9pm. It wasn't anything hard, I just had to read two articles and write about three paragraphs for each article. Why did such a simple assignment take me 2.5 hours?? This class was only offered for Summer C, which means it lasts from May through July and it's eating up my summertime fun. I never want to take another summer class again. Wishful thinking. :(

Tomorrow my plans for the day include mowing the lawn, dusting and mopping the house, reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in preparation for next Tuesday!!!, technically Wednesday, and doing my regular babysitting duties....

goodnight moon

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