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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vacation Bible School!

It was Vacation Bible School week, more commonly known as VBS, this week at church! That means, on top of babysitting for five hours a day and completing nine observation hours for my summer class (I have the tendency to procrastinate :), I was at church from 5:15-9:00pm every night- dancing, singing, laughing, cheering, praying, learning, loving, and definitely scolding... It was a wonderful week, filled with awesome kids. :)

This was my first year leading a crew for VBS. Last year I was in the nursery caring for infants and years before that I helped out wherever my mom or grandmother happened to be helping. In the group I was in there were some of the sweetest and funniest kids I've ever met, some go to our church, others are just vistors. Nevertheless, I love everyone I got to share this week with. The ages ranged far and wide- six to eleven, so that was pretty difficult. I remember on the first night an older kid sat next to an adorable little boy who is five and goes to my church. He turned around and said to me with such an exasperated look on his face, "Ms. Cole, he's TEN!" He seemed so shocked by their age difference; it was hilarious.

Tonight, as all of the leaders were having our nightly "huddle", my pastor was saying how much it means to the church that we all gave up our evenings to be with these children, to love them and to show them that they are cared for, and that all felt backwards to me. I feel like the blessed one, for being able to share this wonderful experience with all of those children.

VBS this week really showed me that I'm meant to be a teacher. I had so much fun with everyone in our group, but especially the younger ones, which is the age I'm going to school for. My crew had three older boys and they were quite a handful. I'd much rather be with the six-year-olds. :) Some of the most joyful things I've ever experienced happened this week- being asked to hold hands, being asked for my help specifically when making crafts, being told I was to sit by them, being asked if they could sit on my lap. One boy, the cute five-year-old I mentioned earlier, invitied me to his birthday party and he made me the invitation during the closing finale on an offering envelope. They're all so sweet, and I can't imagine a better career than being surrounded by small children- blessings from God.

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