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Monday, August 10, 2009

And my babysitting duties have ended

Friday was my last day babysitting the three kids I've been hanging out with all summer long. At the start of summer I was only watching the twins, and halfway through the summer I also started watching their younger sister- she's four. She was quite the handful, but so much fun to be around. She was your average four-year-old, barbies and coloring were her favorite activities and she never wanted to leave the pool, but there was also a sad quality about her. She always yearned for her mother and talked about her daddy constantly, but unfortunately these kids are court-ordered to stay away from their parents, and it's definitely for the better, no matter how much it's hurting them now. Friday was a sad occasion, for me at least. During my last week with them the youngest cried almost every day I left while clinging onto my leg, but when my last day with them arrived, there wasn't a tear shed. I got a little choked up when I was telling them to have a good school year, to behave, etc etc etc, and they just gave me hugs and sent me on my way. I'm really going to miss those crazy kids, no matter how crazy they drove me.

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